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Year 1 week 2 Do the Hustle

Excited after having a successful soft opening, Dave and I looked through the comment cards to gauge our performance. ” This one is all 10’s.”, Dave laughed as he held up the Guerrilla Sauce stained paper. Glancing over his shoulder, I recognized my Mom’s handwriting and dismissed it without telling Dave my secret. ” Another one with all nines and tens”, Dave grinned.  As the pile got smaller and we read the results (Best burger ever! Loved the food. You guys rock) it dawned on me. Dave and I did a really good job on our first outing in the food truck. People enjoyed our food and had a great time and Dave and I felt the pride of having our dream come to fruition. That evening after the high-fives and the euphoria of accomplishing our goal, I felt satisfied and stared at the ceiling fan in bed and dreamed of thousand burger food festivals and hundreds of people buying our food.

Dave and I met on several occasions after the event and quickly got to work on securing permits and finding events for us to sell. Our first official calendar date is July 8 but we have a lot of things to accomplish before we are ready to sell. The truck is inspected by the Department of Agriculture of Pennsylvania,  our permits are secured to sell food in Hershey and everything is in place to hit the streets except for three details.

  1. Maybelline needs to get a vinyl wrap  complete with logos, bullet holes and tank treads.
  2. We need a second fridge installed so that we can do volume sales
  3. We need places to sell.

Owning a food truck is teaching us the value of what I like to call “Hustle”. No, it’s not the sleazy Times Square (ca. 1975) Three card Monte hustle designed to steal money from tourists. You hustle while serving food or prepping eM.P.anadas. You Hustle by sourcing quality ingredients at low prices. You hustle by fostering relationships. We are meeting with event organizers, fire hall chiefs, local businesses and anyone who will listen to us.

Van McCoy and the Soul City Symphony had a hit in the summer 1975 entitled  “The Hustle”.  It went to number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and Hot Soul Singles charts and won a Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental Performance. The song has two lyrics in its annoying 4 minutes and 10 seconds. The chorus is ” Do the Hustle” and during the intro they say “Do it”.  It’s a pretty good philosophy.  Nike stole the ” Do it” part. I’m stealing the “Do the Hustle” part. Hell, if you buy a Guerrilla Burger from us, I’ll sport a beige leisure suit and boogie down the Soul Train line. So will Dave. Sing along now!  Do the Hustle!  Doot-Doot-Doot-Do-Doot-Da-Doot-Doot….


Day 56: On Being A Guerrilla

Lately I’ve been forced to examine what it really means to be a Guerrilla. This blog is our food truck’s populist manifesto. Not only is it a communique to keep you updated on our tuck building progress, ( Maybelline is getting new back doors on Monday)  it’s an attempt to win the hearts and minds and stomachs of the people. Hopefully, when the key goes into the ignition of Maybelline, a few of you will buy our food.

Robert Rogers
Robert Rogers father of Roger’s Rangers

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Day 29: Nuts and Bolts

Dave and I went and talked to a couple of gas specialists to get an estimate on running gas lines in Maybelline. Dave, Pam and I don’t know anything about running gas lines and setting this stuff up so we are leaving it to the professionals. To quote Dave,” It needs to be safe, done right …I don’t want to burn.”

We are still looking for a certified electrician to set up the electric in Maybelline.  For my feeble non-electrician mind, I would have a better chance of throwing a football to the moon than wiring a food truck. “It has to be safe, done right…I don’t want to fry.”


The price went up on Maybelline’s trip to the garage because she needs new sway bars and a Kingpin. It’s kind of important to have your truck drive straight and turn when you want it to. We don’t want to crash.

We are still working on PROJECT X, we need a good photographer to shoot food porn, a cinematographer to help shoot and edit a Kickstarter film. Still need a logo. Even something scribbled on a napkin would be cool. I set up an appointment with  a food distributor. Need a certified welder to build us a cage and platform for our tanks and generator. I’ve been looking at pricing for a service window. We need a solid back door and a partition built between the drivers compartment and the food service area. We got a lead on a business that will build a hood and fire suppression system.  This is a partial list…Impatient… Just wanna serve food…

I breathe deep. I am a Guerrilla. I am grateful. The Universe takes care of itself.

Day 28: Maybelline Gets New Sneakers

What is it with girls and shoes? My daughter loves shoes, my wife loves shoes and my mom loves them. The Wizard of Oz was all about the shoes. This isn’t a sexist rant where I’m drawing a hasty generalization about all women and their need to have sixteen pairs of pumps in the closet. I’ve read enough Sylvia Plath, Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem to not go there. It is a phenomena I can’t figure out,  many girls love shoes. Boots, stilettos,sandals,wedges: It doesn’t matter. Some women are shoe CRAZY.

As a man, I view my shoes in a cro magnon sort of way.  The owning of footwear is a function of utility. Work boots, dress shoes, sneakers, and sandals. That’s it. That’s all the shoes I need. Maybe a pair of casual loafers but no more. If I could get away with wearing no shoes, I would. Continue reading Day 28: Maybelline Gets New Sneakers