I was sitting on the couch watching the news when there was a knock on the door. On my front porch stood a delivery man and a huge crate constructed out of 2×4’s and plywood with the word FRAGILE  stenciled in big  letters on the beat up plywood. “Frageelay.”, I giggled to myself feeling a bit like Ralphies Dad, Darren McGavin, in A Christmas Story. ” I smiled and said to myself, ” It must be Italian.”

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Day 97: Build Sheet Progress

Just to get everyone up to speed Maybelline will be in the shop for a few days getting a generator installed. We managed to find a used RV generator at a reasonable price and our builder is fabricating a box that will be mounted under the truck on the side opposite of the service window so our customers won’t have to breathe exhaust. The generator will provide electricity for interior lighting, refrigeration and a few small appliances and receptacles. I’m ordering our service window today and that should be installed after the generator. By next week our build sheet should look like this.


Install back door

Install generator

Install service window

Front end alignment and tires

To Do

Back bumper fabricated with LP Tank supports/cage

Run gas lines, wiring, receptacles, breaker box

Construct interior walls

Purchase and install hood vent/ fire supression

Purchase and install appliances

Purchase and install 4 compartment sink

Build partition between driver compartment and kitchen

Construct walls with insulation and washable surfaces

Paint and graphics

It’s nice to see the list get shorter but we have a ways to go before we can serve food. Dave is excited to order and buy our appliances; particularly the fryer since I’ve got him addicted to empanadas. I’m in love with the sandwich station and the grill.  As soon as we can. we will post pictures of the build, so stay tuned.

Day 92: Tater Tots

I’m not a food snob, really I’m not. I do enjoy using fine ingredients and eating fresh local food but there is a special place in my heart for a processed staple that has been served in school cafeterias, fast food restaurants and American dining rooms for over sixty years. I love Tater Tots. Tater Tots were invented in 1953 when Ore-Ida founders F. Nephi Grigg and Golden Grigg were trying to figure out what to do with leftover slivers of cut-up potatoes. The added flour and seasoning to the potatoes and extruded the mixture through a round hole, fried them and viola’: the iconic Tot was born.

What I like about the Tot is the texture. On the outside the potato is crispy and salty while the inside is fluffy and soft. With salt and ketchup a Tot stands on its own but as head cook at Guerrilla Canteen I’ve been looking at the possibilities of what a Tater Tot can be. The idea is to elevate the lowly Tot in a way that we normally don’t associate with it. I’m not the only person who loves and respects the Tater Tot. Americans consume seventy million pounds a year.

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Day 91: Changes In Latitude, Changes In Attitude

I apologize for not posting anything on here for five days. I was at the beach and I was relaxing with my family. I needed to recharge my batteries. I’ve been stressed about finances and impatient about the amount of time it takes to build a mobile kitchen. I’m also a little scared. What if nobody buys our food? What if the truck never gets built?  The “What ifs” have been spinning in my head like a hamster on a wheel.  Sometimes driven people need to step away. I get obsessed and sometimes so driven that a project consumes me. Then I burn out. My solution is to spend a few days on a beach with my family. When I return I’m relaxed, focused and more driven than ever. It’s a good way to remove those hamsters from my mind. Everyone needs to decompress.

ole barney
Old Barney, Long Beach Island New Jersey

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Day 86: We Hired A Photographer

I had a meeting today with a photography student who is a close family friend. Morgan is a great young woman and she is studying photography with an emphasis on journalism. Morgan brings to the table a fresh eye and Guerrilla shooter skills. Her photography is professional, artistic and sharp. She is currently doing an internship with a wedding photographer. Morgan agreed to film and edit our Kickstarter film and do some still photography for marketing and the blog. Guerrilla Canteen is thrilled to have her on our project because Morgan not only is a wonderful photographer but she is also a remarkable, kind and intelligent young lady. Dave and I are really impressed with Morgan and her skill set is a perfect fit for our project. Welcome aboard Morgan!

Dave and I are going to look at a generator for the truck. The generator will power all of our refrigeration, interior and exterior lighting and several receptacles for small appliances (Food processor, steam table maybe a coffee pot) The generator is used and if it’s in good shape and the price is right we are one step closer to hitting the road.

Day 85: A Letter From Dave Laman, Owner Of Guerrilla Canteen


Hey everybody!,

This is Dave coming at you, I just want to thank all of you who have been following Guerrilla Canteen’s progress. Seeing all the hits on our social media means a lot to me. I know it seems like this is taking forever for us to start selling what we’ve been putting out on the blog but remember that, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” It seems like forever for us as well.

We are making progress though. We got the rear doors installed and we are waiting to get a generator installed and we should have the service window installed soon as well. We just want this done right and we we’re not just throwing it all in without any thought.

There’s still some work that needs to be done before our kitchen equipment gets installed but we are closer than we were three months ago. It’s progress! Stay tuned to the Guerrilla Canteen blog. It always makes me smile reading Jamie’s wisdom. The day Guerrilla Canteen opens our service window is not that far away.

Thanks again for all of you who support us. Be patient. I’m not patient but I must be!



Day 84: Ten Reasons Why Your Business or Charity Should Partner With A Food Truck

Earlier in the week, we discussed the idea of synergy in the food truck business using the example of a Rock Band. Whether you are the head of a charity fundraiser, the CEO of a multinational corporation or a small business owner, there are many reasons why partnering with a food truck may good for your endeavor.  Whether your goal is to advance your company’s marketing, raise money for your school’s athletic department or boost sales at your business, food trucks provide a unique opportunity to custom tailor your organization’s goals. Continue reading Day 84: Ten Reasons Why Your Business or Charity Should Partner With A Food Truck

Day 82: Life Is Too Short To Not Take Risks


Update. Maybelline is back. The back doors have been installed on the truck and we can now proceed with getting a compartment mounted for the generator and a system for securing our LP tanks to the rear bumper. The doors were expensive and gobbled up a big chunk of our capital.

I was thinking about our journey and building our dream. Three months ago if you told me that I would be writing a blog, publishing online articles and writing and directing and acting in a movie, I would tell you that you were nuts. What is so cool about our journey is the variety of hats that a food truck owner needs to wear in order to get the job done. The blog is gaining a little momentum (4000 views), the truck is slowly getting built and Guerrilla Canteen is building the framework for our brand. There is still tons to do. The short list includes purchasing appliances, ventilation and hood installation, electrical setup, LP gas lines installed, plumbing and service window installation. Plus paint job, graphics, permits, licensing. We need to figure out a way to get some exposure and media coverage for our Kickstarter campaign when we do our launch.

I have to admit that I’m a little scared. This is a big risk for Dave and I.  We have essentially put all of our life savings, our family’s future and our hard work into Guerrilla Canteen. We believe that our success is an act of will. Failure is not an option. Taking the leap from employee to entrepreneur requires swinging by the seat of your pants over a massive chasm of pitfalls, danger and peril. We have our critics and naysayers who are more that happy to tell us that,” You guys are crazy” and ” It will never work”. Our response to them is that people told Henry Ford, Copernicus and Einstein that they were crazy too. I remind them that we aren’t building a rocket to the moon but a truck that sells food.

As we approach hurdles in this wild adventure, I jam my fear and insecurity into the pit of my stomach. I block out the little voice that tells me, ” You can’t do this” and I listen to my heart which says, ” Yes you can.”  Life is too short to not take risks. To engage in a life of passion and hard work and risk is, to me, is the definition of truly being alive.

Day 81: Learning The Ropes On You Tube

When I was a kid we had four fuzzy channels on our television. We didn’t have cable and a giant antennae was mounted on our roof. How times have changed. I just set up a You Tube channel in anticipation of our Kickstarter film so I could learn the process of posting video on Guerrilla Canteen TV. This isn’t the Kickstarter video. It’s just a slide show with music. Enjoy.

Day 79: SHHHHH Leaked Prop Photos From Our Kickstarter Film Project

You soldier, are being granted access to Top Secret prop photos of some of the General’s medals and patches for Guerrilla Canteen’s upcoming Kickstarter film. If you haven’t seen our concept, you can be briefed HERE. The Guerrillas hope that you enjoy the silly and outrageous nature of our future film. After all, a true Guerrilla doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Reconnaissance photo #1

The coveted and distinguished "Bronze Chef" medal. The General earned this honor for saute' techniques above the call of duty.
The coveted and distinguished “Bronze Chef and Tri Spoon” medal. The General earned this honor for outstanding cooking techniques above the call of duty. Recognized globally for excellence in the kitchen.

Reconnaissance photo #2

Smoked Salmon Unit Patch. An outfit so secretive and shadowy that  we aren't even sure what they do.
Smoked Salmon Unit Patch. An outfit so secretive and shadowy that we aren’t even sure what they do. Rumors are circulating that the General spent some time at a black site in Norway conducting operations involving smoking fish.

Reconnaissance photo #3

"Silver Chicken Medal "  for honorable service of free-range poultry.
“Silver Chicken Medal ” for honorable preparation of  poultry.