Our Mission


Our Mission:

To serve the freshest, local, fusion street fare to the masses while giving back to our community and helping others pursue the American dream.


15 thoughts on “Our Mission

    1. Thanks for your comment. A substantial portion of my working career has been in kitchens. I started as a prep cook at Bob’s Big Boy in the 80’s and eventually managed restaurants in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I’ve worked in huge hotel chains as a sous chef serving upscale caterings and weddings to jobs in giant corporate chain style food factories. This isn’t some whimsical home cook chef fantasy to feed my ego. I’m committed. So much so, that I’ve quit my landscape career to do this full time. Myself and my partners are all in.

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      1. I’m really glad to hear that and I’m sure that with such background you would be a great success.
        It’s just that I’ve seen too many (I’m sure you have too) that seem to think such ventures don’t need the hard earned experience and all they see is the “glamorous” chef’s life, as seen on the cooking shows… πŸ™‚


      2. You can blame television for that. In one hour they take a failing restaurant or bar and make it look like everything can be fixed in 24 hours. Even on cooking shows, the filter of TV doesn’t show the process of how food is actually made, the nuts and bolts of it. Mise en place magically appears out of nowhere and lets say one of the ingredients is demi glace. That sauce takes hours to make (ie browning bones and vegetables all day long) then viola through the magic of television something beautiful is made in five minutes which isn’t realistic. No one shows how a restaurant really is operationally… The saute’ cook hung over and not preforming, the delivery truck showing up 2 hours late and backing up prep when you have 200 covers for a wedding at noon or the 7 thousand dollar dish machine breaking down. If being a Chef meant just barking orders at people and calling them donkey, everyone would be a Chef.

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